B Mor’s Day of Service

For my birthday month, I’ve decided to dedicate time to all the things that I love: laughing, dancing, creating, exercising and eating. However, none of this would be complete without making time for service. So I am dedicating this upcoming Saturday to service. I believe there are more things alike in all people than there …



Green Grass is now streaming on CRE8SION. Green Grass is a film presented by Women of Color Film Collaborative (W.C.F.C) and B Mor Productions, starring and written by Teharah J Smith, directed by Briana Morris, Produced by Joyecstacy Sapphire and Kaneez Ann N. El, Cinematography by Melissa Arroyo.

Check Out B in Melanin Voices in Humboldt Park

Melanin Voices is a performance collective series showcasing local, unsung narratives of people of color through poetry and live literature. Melanin Voices is a semi-scripted show, inclusive of poetry, short stories, vignettes, fiction, and non-fiction works of various Chicago artists. It exists as an artistic platform for voices who may not otherwise have a platform. …

3 Female filmmakers team up to create your next show obsession. Fifty years ago, the U.S. supreme court ruled the Loving v. Virginia case as a landmark civil rights decision, legalizing mixed-race marriages. Since then, many feats have been accomplished for lovers of all kind. "Love's Freedom" explores identity and stigmas that interracial couples have …

Watch FETCH Here

Natasha is forced to catch a cab service after running late to go out with her friends. Will this be the cab from hell? FETCH is directed by CoCo James, Produced by Michael Ballard and Starring Angel Rosario Jr., ​Shavon Ballard​, ​Briana Morris​, ​Latoya Maddox​, ​Jaclyn Francine​ and ​Iveliss Rivera​. ​