I am Briana Morris – 90% creative and 10% bonus features.  Better known as simply B Mor. I am an actress and content creator. What the what does that mean? We’ll it’s just a fancy way of saying I know and stay on top of my ish. From writing, directing to producing, I love to engage in every part of the creation process. If you don’t learn the skill process, you can’t master the talent! I choose to study both. When I’m not in front of the camera or on stage, you can usually find me behind the scenes —actively transforming a story from script to screen or stage through my production company. B Mor Productions is an artist-driven American entertainment company. It is dedicated to developing and producing unparalleled narratives through theatrical, independent, new media, music, television and film projects across all digital platforms.

My goal is simple – to have fun doing what I love. Put another way, I wake up everyday trying to figure out how in the world can I combine my ambiguous relationship with tacos, traveling and tv with my passion. When it all comes together, that would be true victory! Vince Lombardi once stated, “The only time you’ll find success before work is in the dictionary.” So while there may be an escalator to greatness, I’d rather travel the stairs, eating my tacos, thinking of tv’s next great hit. See you in the pitch room!

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