Tighten Your Spaghetti Straps… It’s Our Anniversary Week!

Tighten your spaghetti straps and gel down those sideburns, because it’s our anniversary week and we’re snatching edges! We celebrate iambmor.com and B Mor Productions for the amazing milestones that have been accomplished thus far. B Mor Productions is an artist-driven American entertainment company started by Briana Morris. It is dedicated to developing and producing unparalleled narratives through theatrical, independent, new media, music, television and film projects across all digital platforms. This week we will be releasing a series of interviews with the founder Briana Morris to discuss her transition from Chicago to Los Angeles and hear what the brand B MOR has in store.

B Mor Productions is celebrating 4 years of content creation. Meggie Cherilus sits down for a one-on-one with founder/creator of B Mor Productions, Briana Morris. She speaks about shifting operations from Chicago to Los Angeles and what’s in store for Team #BMOR. How much will B Mor reveal about her highs, lows, fears and who inspires her? She tells it all in this exclusive interview. Let’s take a look into the creative mind of B Mor.

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