5 Years Baby!!!

5 YEARS BABY!!! It’s our anniversary. B Mor Productions and iambmor.com has been at it for 5 years. Throughout that time we have produced 3 short films, 1 feature film and 1 documentary. We’ve produced 7+ major photo shoots. I have directed Disney’s The Lion King Jr. and The Wiz. I have taught over 500 students. I’ve had a chance to do countless celebrity interviews on my YouTube Channel: Briana Morris. I’ve relocated to Los Angeles. I was apart of 2 web series. I’ve had a chance to star in countless film projects and even work with a director from Ireland. I’ve been a PA for ABC, BET and HBO. Recently, we were able to premiere my own one woman show, WHOA MAN, in Chicago in front of a full house. Whoaaa this is only the beginning!!! And it’s all in memory of PM Morris. Rest in power and peace, your legacy is strong and lives on mommy.

Love always,


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