B Mor’s Bossin TOP 5 Moments of Black People TV 2018

Join B Mor as she count down her top moments in black television for 2018. #earnyoursleep #hustleMOR #liveMOR #loveMOR http://www.iambmor.com


Even When Winning Is Illogical, Losing Still Far From Optional -T.I.

My Reflections From the Jabberwock Scholarship Affaire: My parents have worked hard to teach my siblings and I the importance of having the audacity to dream boldly. In a society full of dream killers, from Facebook posts and Snapchat to some of our own dm's, I am reminded there are few things that cannot be stolen. …


Green Grass is now streaming on CRE8SION. Green Grass is a film presented by Women of Color Film Collaborative (W.C.F.C) and B Mor Productions, starring and written by Teharah J Smith, directed by Briana Morris, Produced by Joyecstacy Sapphire and Kaneez Ann N. El, Cinematography by Melissa Arroyo.

Check Out B in Melanin Voices in Humboldt Park

Melanin Voices is a performance collective series showcasing local, unsung narratives of people of color through poetry and live literature. Melanin Voices is a semi-scripted show, inclusive of poetry, short stories, vignettes, fiction, and non-fiction works of various Chicago artists. It exists as an artistic platform for voices who may not otherwise have a platform. …

3 Female filmmakers team up to create your next show obsession. Fifty years ago, the U.S. supreme court ruled the Loving v. Virginia case as a landmark civil rights decision, legalizing mixed-race marriages. Since then, many feats have been accomplished for lovers of all kind. "Love's Freedom" explores identity and stigmas that interracial couples have …