Meet the Cast – GENIUS



Kimberly has struggled with hearing voices since her childhood, but there has been one voice that has been dominant since her early years. She’s tried everything she can think of, but one doctor may have the cure. Kimberly wants the struggle to be over, but how far will one voice go to keep things the same?







Doctor Hill is an expert on mental illnesses. He is working on an experimental treatment for his patients that centers around psychiatric counseling and music.







Tracy, Kimberly’s sister, wants to rekindle their friendship. The relationship became strained after the death of their mother.






Lee, Dr. Hill’s protege, is a skeptic who believes not all patients can be saved. He has been working with Dr. Hill for a short time.






Elaine is one of Dr. Hill’s regular patients. She has been dealing with paranoia disorder since she was a teenager. Her only friend was her father, but he isn’t around any more. Who will she turn to now?








Jay has recently joined Dr. Hill’s group sessions. He is living with schizophrenia and doesn’t know what or who to trust.







Candace suffers from bulimia and is dealing with secrets from her childhood. She has been working with Dr. Hill to overcome this disorder, but will the past interrupt her future?

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