Our Challenge – My Road to Bronzeville

With every interview I want to give you an exclusive treat! This particular interview I had an opportunity to interview London Lo, but I call her “The Voice.” And guess what?!?! You get to witness her paying homage to the original “VOICE” the late, always and will forever be great Whitney Houston.

Here some amazing advice from one of the youngest performers in the musical. This entry is our challenge to the white house. We’re calling you out! Harmony is coming for the president of the United States, the land of opportunity. May she be an inspiration to shoot for the moon and stars. You are never too young or too old to go after your dreams.

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Get on Board the train to Bronzeville. You don’t want to miss this amazing journey. Have you bought your ticket for the train? No… what are you waiting for? GO! Go right now to http://www.ticketmaster.com, and type the keyword: Bronzeville to purchase your ticket. We want you on this roller coaster of a ride with us.


Check out where I am in my process for My Road to Bronzeville.


At tonight’s rehearsal we got a huge wake up call. It takes everyone to create a show not just an “I” or “me”. It’s a lot of pressure creating an original piece, and every rehearsal we take one step closer toward birthing this masterpiece of a show.


The weather is starting to take a toll on my voice. Watch and find out why I’m not going.


What do you do when you have no voice and no energy? You produce results because that’s the only thing people care about. To purchase tickets to the show go to http://www.ticketmaster.com, keyword: Bronzeville.


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