To Broadway – My Road to Bronzeville

Check out the interview I did of my cast mate Brandon Sapp after rehearsal. You don’t want to miss what he has to say about performing and expectations of the musical. Today was all about dance so please forgive the sweat boiling on our foreheads during the interview. We put in a lot of work with the choreographer. Stay tuned for more interviews with my amazing cast. If you have questions you want me to ask in my next interview email them to Can’t wait to hear from you!


Today we rehearsed transitions, cues and one of the big dance numbers. This week I started doing yoga before rehearsals, which has helped so much with being able to control my breathing in between dancing and singing. For all of my artists who have not tried yoga DO IT… it might change your life. My core has never felt more engaged. Not to mention it pushes the stress of the week right out of me. It puts me back into a mindset of peace and meditation. This week one of my major challenges was getting comfortable in one of my character’s skin. Sometimes I get frustrated when the voice of my character isn’t coming as easy as others. After the research, talking to resources, reading books what do you do when you’re still lost?After all is said and done and you’ve done all you can sometimes you have to let the character find you. I had to dig a little deeper for this one and tonight this particular character began to morph into a fetus. Check out the fruits of my labor, the blood, sweat and tears on February 27th at the Chicago Theatre. To purchase pre-sale tickets go to, KEYWORD: Bronzeville.


Welcome back to My Road to Bronzeville. I did something a little special tonight for my video journal. Instead of doing a confessional or interviewing one person, I decided to give you a treat. Had the pleasure of interviewing 3 members of my amazing cast! Take a look as we pull back the sheets and find out about some surprise talents from these artists.


After rehearsal I had an opportunity to interview my amazing cast mate Dre Marquis and you won’t believe why he has this girl laughing so hard. Take a look into the secret talent he revealed exclusively to us. After an intense rehearsal of identifying objectives, actions and tactics. Laughter was a great thing for our souls. Don’t forget to check out more interviews from my journey and take advantage of our $35 pre-sale tickets at, Keyword: Bronzeville.


The real is that everyone wants to see lilies and roses but to get to a beautiful flower you have to get pass the thorns. Tonight’s rehearsal was interesting. Even when you don’t want to you have to PUSH PUSH PUSH! Someone has some work to do before the next rehearsal. Check out the rest of my process right here on My Road to Bronzeville. For pre sale tickets use the keyword: Bronzeville at



What a feeling to be in such great company! From every dancer to singer to actor and artist, everyone has their own story of how they got started in this industry. I’m continuously learning that you can learn anything from anyone you just have to keep your senses open. Meet my amazing cast mate Jasmine T.

Sometimes the material you study can be so heavy and mentally draining you have to take it easy. Sometimes you may forget to have fun while enjoying the process because you’re focused on giving the voiceless justice. Even in your quest to find balance you just have to chill out and have faith that your hard work will pay off. Stop being so hard on yourself. Plus you have to trust that your ensemble members have your back. One person doesn’t make up a show nor will one person stop a show. Don’t forget you’ve got a group of collaborators working with you and always remember the ancestor’s shoulders that you’re standing on. To purchase your tickets for the show go to at, keyword: Bronzeville.

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