My Road to Bronzeville – The Journey

Getting ready to dive into some reading and research for the show. Here are a few things I use in my tool belt to prepare. First I read the script a few times as is without highlighting any of my speaking parts. I want to get to know the story first then become one with the characters. PLUS I’m getting ready to make one of the most difficult decisions I’ve made in a long time.


Today we dived into a juicy conversation about the affects of the great migration or as I like to call it P.G.M.S (Post Great Migration Syndrome). Generation Y and the Millennials are the direct effects of P.G.M.S. We are the 3rd and 4th generations of the migrators from the South to the North. If we look closely the inverse of that time period is taking place today. Most millennials are moving back to the South (aka Georgia, Texas, Florida) for opportunities, land and less demanding financial obligations.  If you have information about your family or the great migration that you want me to consider in my research email your history to



Tonight we made magic until the stars crossed over the moon. Do you remember what that feels like? It’s like the lingering sensation of your first kiss or jumping into a pool of water and the exhilaration you felt because you completed the dare. Ok… maybe we didn’t physically touch the moon but magic was made nonetheless. It’s something about when a group of artists are in the confinements of an area. This evening I was reminded of how inspiration can hit you by just being in an atmosphere of creativity. Never doubt the power to stimulate your artistic ignition with a single moment. I also had the pleasure of interviewi

ng my fellow cast mate C. Stokes and Nicolette. Check out what they have to say about Bronzeville. And because love is never ending you also get a chance to see my rehearsal wrap up video. Thanks again for watching!


Tupac said it best “Only God Can Judge Me… All you other @%$&*#!+ get out my business,” but I think the good book said it better in John 8:7, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” So what’s all this talk about judgement and what does it have to do with My Road to Bronzeville? Today, I had a major break though in rehearsal. You cannot say what you will and won’t do for love, opportunity or to survive. Until you are put in that position do as Tupac and Jesus said SHUT UP… Judge not, that ye be not judged (Matthew 7:1)… and get out of my business. Send me your thoughts at and thanks for tuning in!


Salt-N-Pepa aren’t the only ones who know how to PUSH IT! Tonight was pretty intense and after an extremely long week the last thing I wanted to do was hit an 8-count or bring animation to a monologue. But if you aren’t going to give 100%… what are you living for? You’re just taking up space. This evening my body felt what it meant to push it to the limit even when every waking bone in my body wanted to scream “go crawl under the covers and watch Hocus Pocus.” Find out what other lessons I learned at rehearsal.

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