Every Human Has Genius Level Talent -Jay Z

My Reflections from the Phenomenal Woman Gala:

When I was younger, my mom use to tell me “You don’t know what delivery is in someone’s praise.” I didn’t quite follow. As an adult, I get it. We will never know  what enemies someone else has to fight. For me the gala was a night of celebration, as well as reflection. It was a way to stop time and remember! It reminded me of times when I felt ignored and wanted to quit. Times when depression stared me in the face. Moments when I stood eye to eye with the pains of my students. I am very grateful for the honor. It will serve as a continuous reminder that there will always be uncomfortable moments, days and years ahead. More battles to fight. This journey I’ve been called to for such a time as this is larger than Briana. It did not begin with me, nor will it end with my epitaph. However, what I will continue to do is nourish the dreamer who is willing to do the work. I think Jay Z said it best, “Every human has genius level talent. No one is the chosen one.” It takes a village to encourage a little girl or boy from Chicago, New Orleans, Atlanta, Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. [insert your city] that they are important and that discipline accomplishes dreams. Let’s tap into our talents and accept the challenge. Together, let us grow with integrity, grace and tenacity as we reach back. I leave you with this “Let Her B” Moment:

“Open your eyes look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re LIVING?”

 -Bob Marley

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