B Mor Productions

B Mor Productions is an artist-driven American entertainment company dedicated to developing and producing unparalleled narratives through theatrical, independent, new media, music, television and film projects across all digital platforms. To date, B has produced and starred in three films, under her company: Over the Edge, TEMP, and GENIUS, which she also wrote. Her directing credits include: Green Grass and Attention AmeriCa: We Beg Your Pardon. A documentary about how Chicago became the poster child for violence. In her own words, “You can’t provide a solution in 50 minutes to an issue that has been plaguing a society for over 100 years. That’s impossible. What I hope this film does is inspire dialogue and action.” B kicked off the new decade by writing, producing and starring in her own one woman show, WHOA MAN, directed by Tiffany Yvonne Cox. This is the first solo performance produced under B Mor Productions. Find more information at www.whoamanshow.com. Born in 2015, the company lives by the motto, “Don’t be ordinary, BE MORE!”

Life is all about the hustle and B has hers right here in one place under her production company. From B Mor’s Bookshelf, where she gives a review on the latest book craves and publications that are moving the culture; to Let Her B vlog, where she interviews some of Hollywood’s hottest entertainers. Even with the hustle, life wouldn’t be anything without a little playtime. Find more information about B Mor’s Playhouse. An artist-driven performing arts program focusing on theatrical productions and development of thee artist. The playhouse is dedicated to developing and producing unparalleled narratives through performance projects across all platforms and providing survival tools to educate artists of the next generation. Find your fix in one of B Mor’s hustle.


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