Catch B Mor in MMM Spa

Check out Briana Morris (Bri) as the sassy yet ever-so-faithful front desk receptionist for Meggie's Magical Massage (MMM Spa). In Episode One: DEEP TISSUE, Meggie has a regular who has some unrealistic expectations when it comes to receiving a massage. Let's see how she handles it. Go follow @mmmspa_  on all social media for things that make … Continue reading Catch B Mor in MMM Spa

Watch FETCH Here

Natasha is forced to catch a cab service after running late to go out with her friends. Will this be the cab from hell? FETCH is directed by CoCo James, Produced by Michael Ballard and Starring Angel Rosario Jr., ​Shavon Ballard​, ​Briana Morris​, ​Latoya Maddox​, ​Jaclyn Francine​ and ​Iveliss Rivera​. ​