Briana Morris

Who is this lady? Woman, Myth or Mega Mystery. B. Morris is a renaissance artist hailing from the Windy City of Chicago. At heart, she is the actors-producer with a foundation in theatre that lives for the core of storytelling. She shares stories for a living to probe the discoveries of life. From acting and stepping, her love for the performing arts started at a young age, which led to one of her most memorable claims to the stage. In 2009, she had an opportunity to perform at the legendary Regal Theatre in the play “Tell Hell I Ain’t Coming.” In 2010, she emerged on the scene as an arts manager in Washington DC at Cramton Auditorium, and was established as a film producer at the Cannes International Film Festival in 2012. In 2016, B made her Chicago Broadway debut at the Chicago Theatre in Bronzeville, the Musical. She is an alumna of the Mecca, Howard University. Her creative curiosity has taken her to the South of France, Italy, Jamaica and several cities across the United States. In her downtime she enjoys cooking, traveling, karaoke, going to the movies and laughing. She has an ambiguous relationship with fashion, the travel channel, and the universe at large. She spends most of her days planning how to combine her love of adventure and creativity. The rest of the time she spends bursting out randomly in song or lines from movies. Throughout her career, B continues to find ways to inspire and uplift wherever life takes her. In 2015, B screened the first installment of her docu-series “Attention AmeriCa: We Beg Your Pardon” in Chicago and Charlotte. She is gearing up to start production for the second installment set to release in 2020. She recently produced and starred in the B Mor Public Service Announcement Short Film Series, where prominent issues in the heath community are discussed. Over the Edge weighs in on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; TEMP reviews sexually transmitted diseases, specifically a hoax concocted infection called Blue Waffle; GENIUS discusses mental illnesses specifically multi-personality disorders. She is also creating her first one-woman show, which will redefine your idea of breaking the fourth wall as she recreate characters from the classic novel “ME TIME” by P. M. Morris. She understands her purpose is to entertain, educate and give back to the next generation. “Earn your sleep” is her motto and this is what drives her everyday.


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