Yo Momma!

On the second Sunday in May billions of families in the United States celebrate their matriarchs and grande dames. In Thailand this holiday is celebrated in August. In Ethiopia it is celebrated over a three-day feast in mid fall. Regardless of when and where you do it, mother’s day is special. Although over commercialized since its humble beginnings with founder Anna Jarvis in the early 1900s, we use mother’s day as an opportunity to shower mom with gifts and spend one-on-one time with the love of our lives. We show our thankfulness. For those of us who no longer have our mothers present in the flesh, we remember the laughs and dear times spent with her. From the first time we defended her honor against yo momma jokes in school to the last time we uttered the words I love you! For me it’s a reminder that she won’t be present for the birth of my first child or experience my wedding with me. No one can ever take these thoughts away and some years are tougher than others. But for 2015 I’ve decided to honor her and the fellow queens in my life by sharing with you the 24 pearls given to me.

  1. God first in all things you do
  2. Be strong and go on
  3. Every woman should own a cute black dress, a pants suit and a pearl necklace
  4. Laughing makes the heart stronger
  5. We all make mistakes
  6. It’s the little things that count
  7. Respect your roots, the elders and educate
  8. Family always
  9. Know how to strut in your heels before you leave the house
  10. Smiling will make you and your neighbor’s day better
  11. Be clear and intentional
  12. Forward-thinking ladies network
  13. If you’re going to do it do it with excellence
  14. Speak your mind
  15. Be sure he’s the one before you say YES
  16. Keep the body and mind sharp
  17. Travel every chance you get
  18. Never leave the dance floor without getting down a little bit
  19. Pray
  20. Supporting someone will never take away from you
  21. Always reserve some ME TIME
  22. Never settle for someone who is unequally yoked
  23. Treat him like a king
  24. Never sign something without reading it first

I leave you with this “LET HER B” moment:

Every woman shares a responsibility in raising up a lady

Thank you!

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